Sigma Electrical Export UK congratulates everyone on the arrival of the autumn season and we would like to kick off the season with some positive news!

With the beginning of autumn, as well as returning to school, there has been a return of various sports clubs that help to develop our children’s values, such as self-discipline, respect, and the desire to achieve their goals.

Grassroots football has a major role within communities in the UK, and the community themselves work hard to grow and support their local teams.

Local football clubs are often a haven from the weekly hustle and bustle, where members come together from all backgrounds within the community to partake in a common purpose. Central to this common purpose, of belonging to a team, to progress and to grow, is the requirement of a uniform, the team kit.

Simply putting on your club's colors brings people together.
This coming season the youngest of teams at our local club were without this fundamental requirement, and so this is where our Managing Director, stepped in.

Christopher Walters left a few words on the occasion:
"In giving a young artist the gift of paints and brushes, they can become intrinsically motivated and driven. I feel it is the same in this case.
It's not about the gift or the price; it's about something more, not just materials, but a sign of support and faith in young players. I am sure it lifts the children and helps to create a sense of gratitude, pride and belonging…".

Our company is convinced that the young footballers will achieve good results in sport as a result of tremendous work and faith in their own abilities.